My Very First Post


I’ve been thinking about a blog for ..well, simply ages!  I used to have a personal website titled Murder Most British, but wasn’t able to keep that up for personal reasons.  So, I’ll give this a shot. My blog will pretty much be exactly what it sounds like..Murder Most British.  Books, movies, TV series and Old-Time Radio.  There will be a few of each that sneak in that will be of a nationality other than British, but as that’s my fav., you can expect a whole lot of those! You’ll probably find this caveat on each of my posts that contain any kind of opinion, that they are JUST THAT…OPINIONS.  I am not a professional writer, editor, critic, reviewer and so on.  I just know what I like.  My ‘reviews’ were really written as personal notes, but someone get something out of them, so for now, I will probably post them along with the other items.

I’m figuring this out as I go, so please bear with me!


I usually average about 100 books a year and have close to 1900 in my collection at the moment.  Included in this count are my husband’s books…mostly vampires…blech! 

I’m always adding to series and searching out new ones. I keep my books for the most part.  I do have a PaperbackSwap account and if I decide to not carry on with a series, they get listed there or taken to the used bookstore. But most become my friends!

My favorite sub-genres in mystery books are HISTORICAL.  Pretty self-explanatory.  

I am also a huge fan of VINTAGE mysteries. (up to about 1960). 

.I read some COZY mysteries, contemporary and mostly American or British.

If the sleuth is a professional, but the book doesn’t qualify as a historical or vintage, then I term it TRADITIONAL.

Another sub-genre term I use is GOTHIC ROMANTIC SUSPENSE.  Mostly written between 1960 & 1980.  Some earlier authors like Mary Roberts Rinehart and Ethel Lina White were pioneers of the IHBK (Had I But Known) writings.  You know, cover usually has a pretty woman, often in a negligee, running away from a big house set on a cliff and more often than not, during a thunderstorm.  This type of damsel in distress also has a tendency to wander into dark basements and attics, keeps silly secrets and is faced with deciding which possible love interest is the good guy and which is not.  She usually ends up being rescued by one, but which one?

And if the story primarily takes place in a big country manor house, especially if they are cut off by a blizzard…well, that just makes my night!


In MOVIES…it’s CLASSIC (almost!) ALL the WAY!!!!!!!!!  Pre-1960, or historical of course,  makes up the majority of my collection of nearly 1500 movies. Many of these are movies in the public domain and procured from other collectors. 

In TV series, I watch both historical and contemporary series, but nothing terribly graphic. Instead of cable or satellite TV, I depend in Netflix (streaming AND DVDs) as well as DVDs from our local library and our collection to provide visual entertainment.

I’ll share my extensive list of favorite movies along the way as well as actors & actresses. Right now I’ll just mention a few names… BASIL RATHBONE, GEORGE SANDERS,  JOAN FONTAINE